Guerrilla Track Camera Dolly on set of “Robots” movie

Posted by in at the movies | October 20, 2011

Indie movie making can achieve high production value with ingenuity and the right tools. Guerrilla Track Camera Dolly System provided affordable dolly tracking in a tight residential kitchen set and in a doorway and small living room.
Tight residential set showing Guerrilla Track Dolly shooting "Love & Robots" movie The system is easy to transport and sets up in just a couple of minutes.
Director/author Jay Shaffer operating Guerrilla Track Camera Dolly with Karl Arndt on set of "Love & Robots"
Time was of the essence, since the robot costumes were hot and confining, making it hard for the actors to breathe through the masks. Placing and then disassembling and moving Guerrilla Track took only as long as picking up the dolly deck, repositioning the rails and placing the deck in the new location. One person can easily handle the system. Fast and flexible. Photo easily demonstrates how Guerrilla Track can fit into a “found” location. Rails are light and manageable, but long enough for the camera to travel a distance sufficient for at least 85% of all tracking shots requirements.